Targeted Funding

There are several examples of innovation and new technologies emerging from the Canadian railway supplier sector, such as hybrid battery diesel locomotives and locomotive idle reduction systems, however these technologies have a higher upfront capital cost than traditional technology.

Encouragement from the government by means of targeted funding for railways to purchase environmentally friendly technologies would significantly assist Canada railways' ability to reduce their Greenhouse Gases.

The United States has committed to and has long been awarding incentives to the railways to acquire new emissions reducing technologies. Funding available for railways to purchase emissions reducing technologies in the U.S. is over $100 million (U.S.) per year. The level of Canadian funding pales in comparison and the existing small amount of funding provided to the freight industry is scheduled to come to an end in the near future.

We are concerned with a lack of predictable, stable and long term funding dedicated to the take-up of environmental sustainable transportation as well as the commercialization of new technologies in the transportation industry.
We strongly recommend that adequate investments are being made by all levels of government in the effective commercialization of research so innovative technologies can more easily enter the market place.


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